Sunday, December 2, 2012

[W.I.P.] VLN 2012 - Last Aston and some others

Was a nice weekend for painting here you see the results:

 #37 - Young Driver AMR GmbH

#40 - Pinta Racing

 _______________________ADDON SKINS_______________________

VLN Run 7

 #05 - Phoenix Racing

VLN Run 8

#05 - Phoenix Racing

NOTE: The Addon Skins you can see here and some posts before will be included in an Addon Skinpack for the VLN 2012 Skinpack. There you will get some extra liveries from certain VLN Runs. It will be released a bit later than the original Skinpack because the Standard Skinpack will be finished first and then I`ll make the extra Skins!

P.S.: Only one Skin left before Release :D

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