Sunday, June 24, 2012

[W.I.P.] VLN 2012 Skinpack - Frikadelli Racing

Had some time today to go on with painting and here`s what I did: The Frikadelli Racing Porsche...

#30 - MSC Adenau e.V. im ADAC (Frikadelli Racing)

P.S.: If you didn`t notice it in the News at the right: I decided to do this Skinpack not only for the FIA GT3 2010 Mod by SandroX but also for the FIA GT1 2012 Mod by GPFan. The reason is simple: The GT1 2012 Mod has the latest Models like in real VLN 2012 (Audi R8 LMS ultra for example)! Also there are few more possibilities for painting... I will show an example of that soon!


  1. Du willst mich ver├Ąppeln oder? Hab den gestern angefangen^^ Naja so muss ich den nicht machen :P

    Achja: Schaut gut aus :D

  2. Fantastic Skins !!!
    Great Work .